Wednesday Talk

Attending the weekly pizza and STEM talk today. The STEM talk was more or less about hyperspectral imaging which is the same research I am commencing. It was captivating in a manner that some might find amateur but I found it amusing the way they made their experiences and their research sound humorous.

In the lab I have been working on how to use ImageJ to use the image calculator so that I can get some actual numbers and data from it; it has been very stubborn so far. All in all today has been more productive than yesterday where all I did was create this blog-which was required.


What I am researching.

This summer I am utilizing Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for digital photo analysis. The purpose is to diminish artwork fraud by finding a filter that will allow us to take a photo of a piece of art and distinguish differences in the paint type. Seeing as hyperspectral imaging analyzes the spectral properties of material we are able to use the data to point out the flaws and any abnormalities in the artwork.